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Population: 348,232

Ever since this city's merchant council slighted a powerful wizard more than three centuries ago, its inhabitants have long suffered under a terrible curse: If they didn't talk for at least one hour every day, their innermost thoughts and secrets would be broadcast to everyone in the vicinity. Even though the curse has now been broken, the citizens of Oldenheim are still renowned for their talkativeness.

Life in Oldenheim


Apart from its famous schools for rhetorics and music, Oldenheim focuses on "traditional" crafts - it has many workshops dedicated to making hand-crafted items and luxury goods to distinguish itself from the mass-produced goods of other cities. It even has a large number of craft guilds (which are all but extinct elsewhere) dedicated to ensuring that the standards of craftsmanship are adhered to. The results are mixed - while there are quite a few genuine masters of the crafts who are renowned far and wide, there is also no shortage of shoddy products which nevertheless are sold at a premium to tourists as "genuinely hand-crafted".

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Originally I wanted to make the curse into something that's still ongoing, but eventually I decided against it, as it doesn't lend itself well to gaming. Still, such a historic incident is bound to have interesting effects on a city's culture…

I think I will also make music and singing a major focus of Oldenheim - thus, I will take inspiration for it from the old strongholds of the Meistersingers, like Augsburg and Nuremberg.


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