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Population: 513,411

This city is unique in all the known lands, for it is located on top of a gargantuan plant growing many miles above the surface. Its origin has long been a mystery, but it has recently been revealed to be one of the world trees of the planet Yethrod - though how it got to this place is still unknown (the city's records go back for more than a thousand years, so it must have been there for a long time).

The tree and its symbionts provide most of the food and water the city needs, and for trade with the surface the city has a complex elevator system involving numerous platforms that spans the entire distance. Additionally, the nobility and a chivalric order of paladins both breed and train hippogriffs, which they use to patrol the surrounding areas and defend the city in the rare occasions when this becomes necessary. Lord Amrast of the Alliance of the Pantheon has studied with the local paladins for a few years before returning north, and gained both a hippogriff mount and several paladin followers for his defense of the Alliance as a result.

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