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Population: 74,386


At the center of a hilly region filled with vineyards, Omphos is famous for producing the best wine in the Known Lands. An important secondary industry is the creation of hand-held musical instruments, and many bards from distant lands travel here to attain an instrument created by a master of the craft.

Most of the time, the town has a peaceful, pastoral atmosphere, but at every full moon the citizens gather together to revel and worship Norol, the Lord of the Vine, in Bacchanalian orgies. Outsiders are only invited to these revels when they can demonstrate that they, too, worship Norol, and all others who dare intrude on these festivities are ripped apart by the frenzied mob.

Thanks to these celebrations, it is often impossible to be sure who the father of any given child is. Nevertheless, the citizens live in traditional family units, and it is considered to be highly rude of an outsider to point out if the child in one family does not resemble its "father."

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