Orchard Of Tears
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One location kept secret from most outsiders, the Orchard of Tears is where punishment is dished out to those who have earned the special hatred of the ruling monarch of Avareen. The offenders are brought here and polymorphed into vaguely humanoid apple trees - their mind is still intact (at least initially, though the unfortunates soon become insane), but they are rooted into the earth and can do nothing except slightly shake their branches and emit wailing sounds.

The apples harvested from these trees taste delicious, and are often offered at special occasions, such as banquets in the honor of important visitors. Even those who know the true nature of the apples had better eat one apple and visibly enjoy eating it, for rejecting the apple or expressing distaste is a sure way of offending the queen.

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Like I said - Avareen was intended to exemplify the darker kind of fairy tale…


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