Order of the Hallowed Falcon
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One of the most exclusive Gentlemen's Clubs in Dartmouth, the Order of the Hallowed Falcon consists of senior members of the First Families who meet regularly in a private estate in Hensington. Their members wear a signet ring with the symbol of a falcon as a sign of their membership. They tend to be a fairly conservative and politically active group, and are dedicated to maintaining the power and privileges of the patricians over the rest of the population, keeping patrician status limited within the First Families if possible, and maintaining their own power above the First Families, not necessarily in that order. In the past, they have conspired to keep newly rich upstarts in their place which they couldn't suborn or control through more direct means (such as permitting them to marry into the First Families). As of late, the upstarts they conspire against include Percival Shellard, the Lord Mayor of Dartmouth.

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