Order of the Will-O’-Wisp
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A secretive organization existing since the Feudal Age, the Order of the Will-O’-Wisp offers highly specialized services to those who want to deceive others and can afford their outrageous fees. Experts in all forms of deception, whether magical or mundane, the members of the Order can make the innocent look guilty and the guilty look innocent, causing others to be where they should not and do what they would never do. They can provide perfect alibis or ruin someone's reputation, with none wiser as to what really happened. Corrupt and power-hungry politicians, greedy merchant lords, faithless spouses and others seek them out for their skills, and the right circles always seem to know someone who knows how to contact them.

They do not take every job requested of them, however. While they do not object to driving someone mad by twisting their perceptions, they draw the line at killing someone for hire. And while they are not averse to thievery in the pursuit of their deceptions, mere theft alone will not interest them.

Many who have come to rely on their services later on realize that the Order of the Will-O’-Wisp must have accumulated staggering amounts of blackmail material on numerous rich and powerful people. And while they have never been caught at actually using this information, they might still have used it to entrap some of their clients. What else is to be expected from a group of people dedicated to the principle of Deception, after all?

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