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According to the legends, Oreanor was the first city of all, and is thus often referred to as "The First City". In this ancient metropolis, all civilized races lived together in harmony, the wisest of rulers made the city prosper, and the very gods showered the inhabitants with their gifts—in short, it was an earthly paradise. Yet for some reason—a fall from grace in the eyes of the gods, a natural or magical disaster, or a horde of barbarian invaders, depending on the tale—the inhabitants were forced to leave it, and their descendants are forced to live in the outer world in cities that are mere shadows of Oreanor’s glory.

Oreanor is generally thought to have been in the Lake of Dreams region, though other regions—and even a plane of its own—are also discussed as possible locations by scholars. Some travelers in hot climates have claimed to see its tall, blue-green spires on the horizon, but their reports remain unverified. People who gain entry to it are supposed to gain immortality, ancient knowledge—or the wrath of the gods.

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A setting that is all about urban civilization naturally needs myths and legends about the first city of all. For my ideas on how Oreanor was vital to the origin of the various races, see the spoiler space on the Races page.


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