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Orichalcum is one of the rarest and most valuable substances in the world. It is known for its magic-conductive properties, and wires made out of orichalcum are used in some of the most complex and advanced magical items. It can be produced alchemically out of gold and copper, using up large amounts pure azoth in the process, but due to the expense involved naturally found orichalcum is still used preferably.

Natural orichalcum is always found in perfectly round pearls of various sizes. Sometimes such pearls are found individually, but more commonly they are found in groups - in straight lines, curves, or even three-dimensional spirals or other complex geometrical figures in the middle of rock formations. The pearls are often equidistant (frequently spaced several yards apart) or spaced in other geometrically or numerically significant distances, and are usually accompanied by veins of rare earths or other unusual materials following the line of pearls, which makes finding the other pearls in the same formation easy - though actually mining them out of the rock can be a rather difficult process.

The most significant finds of orichalcum so far have been discovered in Malundi, but it is suspected that there are significant deposits on the ocean floors as well. Certainly, many members of the Sea Tribe collect these pearls and hold them in great esteem, but unfortunately only few of them are willing to trade for these pearls.

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Originally orichalcum is, of course, a mythical substance associated with Atlantis. The odd patterns it can be found in are a homage to the way the mysterious substance "Long John" of the Blue Planet RPG - which many doubt that it actually has a natural origin. So it is with orichalcum - do these strange deposits represent nothing more than freak alchemical processes in the planet's crust, or do they hint of something more?


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