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The Lawgiver, The Just Lord, Ruler of All He Surveys

Ouneiros claims the city of Ouneirotur as his domain, and has ruled it personally for many millenniums. He promises his worshipers peace, stability, and enough to eat if they bow to his will, and so far, he has delivered. Worship of other deities, on the other hand, is punishable by death, and anyone who isn't content with his lot in life can expect brutal punishment if he tries to do something about it. Those who remained faithful and obedient to Ouneiros during their lives will join him in his palace, a massive ziggurat at the center of the city, where they will presumably serve him for all eternity.

His priests mostly serve as administrators who keep his domain running. A select few, however, are sent into the outside world, where they pursue various missions (usually, but not always revolving around the gathering of information) that can last for years or decades. When they return to Ouneirotur, they have to undergo lengthy purification ceremonies for several months before they are allowed back into the city proper - this is supposed to clean them of any outside influences they might bring with them.

His priests are charged with enforcing the following dictums:

  • Obey the will of Ouneiros and his chosen priests.
  • Know and adhered your station in life, and you will be rewarded in the hereafter.
  • Do not leave the domain of Ouneirotur without permission.

His symbol is a hammer.

Adventure Ideas

Designer's Notes & Resources

Ouneiros is a rather unusual deity when compared to the other gods of the Known Lands, since he only really has followers in one single location, and the player characters are unlikely to encounter them unless they travel there. Still, I liked the thought of a deity actually directly ruling a realm in the material plane (at least, as far as anyone knows), and so I included him.


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