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The Sunracer, The Eternal Nomad, He Who Soars

Many creatures travel large distances over the course of their lives. From tiny birds who fly across the whole world during the changing of the seasons to vast herds of animals following the changing growths of the plants they feed upon. The same is true of people - from lone individuals to vast tribes on the search for a new place to live in, humans have also sought out the vistas of different lands. And among those who have been struck by Wanderlust, many count themselves as followers of Palias, a deity who constantly moves not because he is searching for a grand goal near the end of his travels, but because he simply does not know how to stand still.

In older times, his worship was most common among nomadic tribes of all kinds (and indeed, the nomads remaining in the world today - including many dragonkin still pay him respect). But in modern times, his cult has shifted to include explorers, gypsies traveling between towns and regions, and even migrant wanderers and bums who stow away on trains to travel between the cities to see the world. There is even an increasingly large number of followers who remain in a single city for many years or even decades, for many city-states have become so large that it is becoming difficult for a single being to truly know them in their entirety - by the time they have walked through every street of the city and visited every public building, entire sections of the city have been torn down and built anew, allowing them to be on an eternal journey of discovery without ever leaving city limits. Such people become knowledgeable about their cities like few others, and they make extremely valuable informers for those seeking obscure information about the history, locales, and social structures of a particular city-state.

The worshipers of Palias are united in the following beliefs:

  • The world won't come to those who stay still, so keep in motion.
  • There is always something new to learn about the world around you, so seek it out.
  • Help your fellow travelers, so that one day they might help you.

The symbol of Palias is a pegasus with wings of flame.

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Originally, Palias was only a god of travelers, but that wouldn't have worked well for single-city campaigns. So I added some material to make it possible for PC clerics of Palias to stay within a single city for extended time periods.


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