Pantheon des Versagens
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The Pantheon des Versagens ("Pantheon of Failure") is a small park filled with statues and memorials dedicated to those who have achieved especially noteworthy failures in some regard - whether they are spectacular accidents, political or military misadventures, or anything else that had catastrophic (or at least, unintentionally funny) consequences for themselves and possibly other people.

A jury consisting of some of the Bühenviertel's greatest satirists annually chooses the "Versager des Jahres" ("Failure of the Year"), and a sculptor is hired to create the statue of the person and event which will be put into the park. The person chosen in this manner is invited to attend the unveiling, but only few dare to do so - although latter attempts at vandalism are common. So far, 89 statues grace the park.

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Statues bearing a suspicious resemblance to Rusty Venture and Co are optional.


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