Parginian Rim
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"The people of the Parginian Rim consider their lands to be the cradle of civilization, and they will never let you forget it. Never mind that the Atalan Empire has gone for a thousand years - its heritage is still on everyone's mind here, and they will consider all outsiders to be somewhat uncouth and uncultured, whether that outsider is a savage hobgoblin or a proud, civilized Flannish man.
But perhaps that attitude is understandable. After all, their lands are dotted with ruins from prouder times, so they simply can't escape their heritage…"
- Edmund Durnsten in: The Known Lands: Parginian Rim, Avane Street Publishing (1413)

Population: 27,342,890 (humans 57%, gnomes 23%, halflings 7%, dwarves 6%, hobgoblins 4%, elves 2%)
Government: Varies by city-state, but mercantile oligarchies are the most common

The Parginian Rim used to be the heartland of the old Atalan Empire, the region that Atalus conquered first, and whose culture it influenced the most. And although the Empire is long gone, the people of the Parginian Rim still look back on these bygone days with pride, and consider themselves the most civilized of all people.



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The Urbis equivalent of Italy, with some Spanish, Portugese, and French elements thrown in.


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