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Clan Pargrath is best known for their ability to mass-produce high-quality weaponry using a small assembly line process. Instead of a single blacksmith working on a single weapon, Clan Pargrath has massive foundries set up with each blacksmith working on an individual part of the weapon. This enables them not only to be more efficient, but means that each step is completed by a hobgoblin who excels at that step. Clan Pargrath hobgoblins work in teams of eight and generally the teams stay together until a smith dies or is exiled from the clan. This ensures that they know the intricacies of their teammates' work and can be sure that no mistakes are made throughout the process. Clan Pargrath is a vital part of the Hobgoblin war machine and is an undisputed member of the High War Council.

Clan Pargrath's insignia is a black hammer.

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