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Formerly a swampy floodplain, Parkhausen is one of the newer districts of Grüngarten and was carefully planned as a showcase of the city's botanical expertise. It is bisected by a long strip of low-lying parkland encompassing the river (which occasionally floods during spring) with multiple footpaths which is a popular recreation spot for the citizens, and which also contains a number of both public and private marinas (boats can be rented at the former). Surrounding the park are new apartment buildings with a great view whose apartments are rented out to well-to-do citizens and quite a few scions of patrician families who for one reason or another do not wish to reside in their traditional family mansions. Further away from the river are the typical assortments of commercial buildings, several research institutions, and a large number of botanical gardens specializing in various plant families, most of which are open for the edification of the public during daylight hours. Finally, a large park is set aside for the annual Agricultural Fair of Grüngarten, which showcases new developments in agriculture (and usually has more than a few hopeful inventors trying to attract investments for their agricultural research) and attracts more than one hundred thousand visitors every year from the Flannish Cities and beyond.

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