Pathfinder Circles
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In the current age, there has been an increased interest in spiritualism and life after death, and increasing numbers of people want to contact their dearly departed spouses and relatives for a variety of reasons. Catering to this desire are the Pathfinder Circles, a variety of independent groups to contacting the dead and exploring the Plane of Shadows for this purpose. These circles are generally led by a medium or spiritualist who either lets the dead speaks through them or (if he is powerful enough) summon an apparition of the departed soul. Some even allow the members of the circle to move themselves to the Plane of Shadows in spirit form, although this can be a dangerous undertaking, and thus tends to be a very expensive service.

Many of the leaders of such circles are nothing more than charlatans who only pretend to contact the dead and use their acting skills to part the bereaved from their money. Many others are genuine, but some of them go beyond mere contact and play a more sinister role. There have been cases where a contacted ghost is able to run a business or the affairs of a patrician family from beyond the grave thanks to the assistance of a medium, which is often not a good idea since ghosts tend to be far more obsessive in their personalities than living people. Furthermore, many of the rites involving ghosts and the Plane of Shadows include invocations to Cryelis, who is not among the more benevolent deities, and some spiritualists are outright cultists of her who seek to convert the other members of their circle to worshiping her.

It is extremely hard to tell which Pathfinder Circle falls into which category, as they are not organized into any overall structure. While some spiritualists got their training from other circles and thus have developed some contacts with others, ultimately each circle is unique.

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This is basically my homage to 19th century spiritualism.


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