Pegasus Express
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Pegasus Express is the premier mail and parcel delivery company of the Known Lands, and they pride themselves of being able to deliver anything, anywhere, and faster than any of their competitors - and jokes where the punchline involves employees of the company delivering something to other planes or planets actually have more than a grain of truth to them. That doesn't mean that deliveries to exotic locations will be cheap, but as long as the customer is willing to pay, Pegasus Express is willing to find a way.

All its delivery men wear distinct uniforms with caps that have small wings attached to them - the iconic "pegasus wings" of the company, with the size of the wings denoting the rank and seniority of the employee. The many guards the company employs tend to be more discreet, but scarcely less numerous - the companies has views on anyone interrupting the free flow of their deliveries, and is known to place large bounties on anyone robbing their deliveries.

As the name indicates, many employees of the company (including senior management) worship Palias, and the company makes a point to regularly tithe to his temples.

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This came to me while I was packaging large amounts of gaming books I had sold over the Internet…


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