Perfect World Sect
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The ultimate cause of suffering is random chance. Every time a person is subject to Chance there are a large number of possible outcomes - but there is only one “best case outcome”. During a lifespan, a person is subject to Chance numerous times, and the mind subconsciously recognizes that life could have turned out much, much better if the odds hadn't been against it. This yearning for the unfulfilled possibilities is the cause of all suffering. Free Will doesn't come into the equation whether a being is happy or not - in fact, Free Will is just a subconscious justification of the mind, since all choices a person makes are ultimately just random Chance.

At least, that's what the Perfect World Sect teaches. And their solution is simple: To remove all suffering from the world, Chance must be eliminated. Once no more Chance exists and everything is predetermined, no one will suffer any more - a Perfect World.

In the Hamajan Mountains, where the Sect originates, the monks of the Sect attempt to achieve that goal by turning prayer wheels while chanting mantras over them. Each time a prayer wheel is turned, they say, one source of Chance is removed from the world. They realize that it will take a long time to remove all sources of Chance from the world, but that doesn't seem to deter them.

Other members, especially those who have spread to other lands, take a more militant approach and attack especially prominent sources of Chance - including any chaotic forces. Some might attack casinos and gambling houses, while others try to prop up faltering governments (whether good or evil) against rabble-rousers who would tear them down. Others act in fairly mysterious ways - killing lone individuals who seemingly haven't done anything yet to warrant such attention while donating money to others who later on become strong stabilizing forces for Order.

It is rumored that these Sect members are directed by strange, crystalline entities they can summon, which claim that they come from the Perfect World of the future to ensure that this future actually comes as predicted.

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I think Chaos gets an undeservedly bad reputation. Why shouldn't the forces of Order be a threat to the world once in a while?


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