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Population: 2,341,354

Pharsus was founded as the eastern capital of the Atalan Empire, and served in that function for many centuries. Its many monuments and public buildings still serve a remainder of those bygone days. But when the Atalan Empire started to crumble and financial and military aid for the provinces dried up, the governor of Pharsus claimed that the current Atalan Emperor was a traitor, and declared himself to be the new Atalan Emperor. The rulers of Pharsus maintain this fiction to this day, even though the Atalan Empire itself is long gone and the influence of Pharsus doesn't reach far beyond its rather small protectorate. The current Emperor, Barusus IV, is considered to be eccentric even by his allies, and mad by most other people.

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A Byzantium that has managed to hold on for longer than in our own world.


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