Pilgrim's Rest
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Population: 11,231

This community—which is more of a monastery for the followers of Jorunnos than a true town—sits atop Mount Ilvo, the tallest peak in the Varcomo Mountains. The trail to it is small, steep, and difficult to move along—which is intentional. Along the trails are numerous shrines and memorials to famous pilgrims of Jorunnos (or at least those who could afford to commission such a memorial). Pilgrim's Rest itself is fairly austere, but large, and its many buildings extend deep into the mountain itself. The community mostly supports itself through magical means, though donations are of course always welcome.

Most followers of Jorunnos take care to visit Pilgrim's Rest at least once in their lives, and many of those who are unclear about what path they should take in the future stay here for extended times to meditate upon it.

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