Pillars Of The World
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To the far west, if one sails beyond both Nardhome and the Far Coast, there are two titanic pillars raging out of the deepest ocean which are made out of an unknown material. They are half a mile apart and one hundred yards in diameter, and reach ten miles into the sky. They radiate an intensely strong magical aura and are covered with runes that correspond to no known human form of writing.

Recently, a group of wizards from Judario (in the Parginian Rim) have discovered that these pillars are, in fact, a gigantic magical gate, and developed an incantaion to open a portal to the world of Magrith, where similar pillars are located. A floating platform has been erected near the base of the pillars for the researchers, who speculate that the gate might also open to other worlds. Some brave explorers have also used the gate to research the world of Magrith.

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Every world needs some scenery which is simply awe-inspiring.


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