Places Of Legend
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While the very real and present cities of Rothea would take many lifetimes to explore, there are other places whose names are frequently mentioned in the tales of bards—yet whose very existence is sometimes in doubt. Now and then a bold explorer returns from a lengthy odyssey and claims to have visited one of these locales, but solid proof usually remains elusive. The tales often promise vast treasures and secret knowledge to the adventurer who finds them and braves their dangers, but it is more common that the adventurer returns empty-handed—or not at all.

List of Places of Legend

Adventure Ideas

Designer's Notes & Resources

This is a grab-all category of places which may or may not exist on Rothea, but which make perfect locales for bold adventurers to quest after. Feel free to go wild here. Bonus points for thinly-veiled allusions to mythological and rumored places of Earth.


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