Port Coriano
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Population: 445,312

The Atalan Empire did not only try to expand to the north and east, but also to the south, but the high humidity and the hostile jungle made it extremely difficult for them to maintain permanent settlements away from the coast. And even theses settlements were mostly abandoned once the Atalan Empire fell.

The city of Coriano, however, did not fall. Though its fortunes waxed and waned over the centuries, it eventually established itself as a meeting place for traders, smugglers, pirates, explorers and fortune hunters. Its population became a mixture of both native Malundis and Northerners, and the customs of its inhabitants are a strange mixture of a large range of cultures.

With the recent arrival of a rail line from the Parginian Rim (which followed the old Atalan Road along the coast), there a push among some of the wealthier resident merchants to make the city more "respectable" and orderly to attract more business. This does not sit well with the local crime bosses, and a conflict is brewing.

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