Praxus Beautification Department
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As one of the most powerful government entities in the city, the Praxus Beautification Department ensures that all building, landscaping, and decorating adheres to the strict "Praxus Standards". Their inspectors are the most strict of any other city, being known for placing fines on residents or businesses during surprise inspections for furniture out of place by less than two feet. They are also well known for their inability to be bribed, arresting those who would attempt on the spot - probably due to the frequent performance reviews they undergo which use magical rituals to determine the truth of their statements. They are also responsible for research on benefits of the strict and invasive city planning they require and for the new garish colors currently being painted on specific walls on the city streets.

Due to the recent expansion of the organization, Praxus Beautification Department has recently hired a group of uneducated, disenfranchised poor to serve as inspectors-promoting their experienced inspectors to management positions. It has been reported that these inspectors are even more tyrannical than is necessary, citing fines and detaining residents and artisans solely because they can and following the rules without regard to personal experience or human emotion. Some say that these new inspectors do not even have a will of their own, but are "possessed" by the Praxus Standard themselves.

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