Praxus Militia
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The Praxus Militia is ever vigilant for outside attacks on the city and any of the areas in the Praxus protectorate, but the organization does not concern itself with enforcing city laws. Based in the outer wall of the city of Praxus itself, they regularly send small militia forces to deal with threats to the safety of residents in villages and towns within the protectorate, such as wandering monsters and hostile nonhumans, as well as to "show the flag" and patrol the borders of the Protectorate against incursions by other city-states.

Significant villages and towns within the Protectorate generally have their own permanent departments of Militia units. However, the militia members stationed there are frequently rotated out to prevent corruption and to famililarize them with as much of the Protectorate. While this has indeed helped to prevent corruption, it has also causes them to be seen as outsiders who don't really understand the social dynamics of the locals.

The inhabitants of the Protectorate have to pay additional taxes to support the Militia (this is not enough to pay for all operations of the Militia - the city of Praxus still supports the lion's share of its funds - but it helps). Male citizens of the Protectorate can avoid those taxes by joining the Militia for one year. After completing their term of service, they no longer have to pay them, but they do count as members of the reserve forces, who can be called up by the Militia in emergencies or during wars.

In Praxus itself, the Militia controls access in and out of the city and will assist the CCP only when an obvious threat to the populace arises. Since the Militia is made up mostly of local short-time volunteers (in addition to the officers and NCOs, who must enlist for longer periods), they are more likely to frown upon the heavy-handed actions of the CCP and will delay or inhibit their work if they can do so inconspicuously. The Praxus militia is usually armed with crossbow and spear and wear blue tunics. These blue tunics are decorated with silver bands around their arms that signify rank.

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