Praxus Protectorate
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The Protectorate of Praxus is the area of countryside that produces much of the food and other raw materials that the city uses. Several merchant companies control much of the resources, goods and services available in this region and often charge highly for goods transported through their territory, adding to the taxes levied on them to support the Praxus Militia.

A few villages and small towns remain that are too small to bother with for these merchants. The inhabitants struggle to remain self-sufficient, mostly bartering for needed goods among themselves. They are relatively poor, but pride themselves in their independence and relative freedom.

Elsewhere, where the merchant companies hold sway, the wages are fairly low and often are paid in the form of vouchers which can only be redeemed at company stores - thus allowing the merchants to monopolize the economy of the community. Their unskilled workers are often bound to working in the community for contracts that last a year or more, and often they end up with debts (thanks to the inflated prices) that force them to work there for even longer times. The only thing that tempers the greed of their bosses is the possibility that their workers might simply run away if they get too greedy - and that tales of life in these communities will then stop to sound appealing to even the most desperate of the urban poor.

In some communities, conditions are so bad that the merchant companies running them are unable to attract enough workers for their purposes. In such cases, the merchants often make deals with the City of Praxus so that the prisons of the city lend them chain gangs of convicted criminals (often beggars, pickpockets, people who couldn't pay their debts on time and so forth) for relatively minor fees. As long as not too many convicts come back crippled or dead, the city government doesn't care what happens to them in the work camps.

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