Prince Canadir
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Prince Canadir is currently not a happy sidhe.

During the Liberation War, an overzealous patrol from the city of Holzau attacked his entourage, and nobody in Avareen denied his right to revenge for this slight. Unusually, he decided not just to punish the offending city, but actually conquer it, which was done with little effort as most of its troops were elsewhere due to the raging war. Then he made the even more eccentric choice of trying to mold the city - which he renamed "Grüngarten" - into what he thought would make it more appealing to elven sensibilities (i.e., having a greater focus on living in harmony with the environment). Eventually he got bored by this project, but left behind the secretly-sapient tree Galenvar to shape the future growth of the city - and to allow him take control again if he should ever need it.

After basically ignoring the city for many decades, last year he demanded from Galenvar that the city prepare a spectacular gift for the upcoming anniversary of the ascension of his sister Queen Arwanna to the throne. A mere trifle, really - the economy of the city would surely have recovered after a generation or so. But to his horror, the tree refused! Not only that, but his sister has somehow gotten wind of the fact that he no longer controls the city he once conquered, and her comments have been… acerbic.

He is now quite desperate to do something to regain his lost status in the Royal Court - preferably by getting Galenvar back under control, but if that doesn't help he needs to pull off some other spectacular deed that will reaffirm the superiority of the sidhe over the humans to the west. All he needs now is a plan, and the tools to make it happen…

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