Princess's Men
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Like most boroughs of Dartmouth, Cordall Hill has its own crime rings that buy or sell illegal goods, organize prostitution and gambling, and demand protection money from local businesses. The largest of these crime rings - and the one that all the others in the area are afraid of and pay protection money to - are the Princess's Men. They take their name from their leader, who is to all appearances a black-haired, eight year old girl who is always dressed in the most beautiful clothes. However, she has looked this way since at least a decade, when she appeared in the borough and managed to take over the largest crime ring in short order. She is rumored to have powerful mystic abilities, although no one is alive who has actually seen them - which isn't very comforting to the other criminals, who are terrified of her.

She always speaks with a soft, child-like voice, but her words show an intelligence vastly higher than that of a mere child. She demands absolute obedience from all her subordinates, and those who offend her usually die in truly inventive ways.

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Imagine a small girl giggling and looking at you and asking the question:

"Why so serious?"


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