Procession of Kortus
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The Procession of Kortus is an annual harvest festival which (in the Flannish Cities at least) takes place on Hatan 1st. On this day, farmers from the nearby region congregate to the closest market town (or the ruling city-state) and take part in a long parade starting at noon where they display their best produce on open wagons. Traditionally, the wagons are supposed to be drawn by oxen, but in many cities large plantation owners have started to use agricultural harvester golems instead.

After the parade, the farmers donate a portion of their harvest to a gigantic feast in honor of Kortus in the following evening. The food is supposed to be freely available to the public (although many patricians have their own separate feasts where they don't have to mingle with the lower classes). However, guests are also encouraged to donate to the priesthood of Kortus according to their ability to give, and the church derives a significant portion of its yearly income from this feast alone.

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