Procus & Harvey
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This district is named for the two main streets that intersect here - Procus Street and Harvey Road. A huge, ancient, but modern-looking temple of Gebral is constantly under construction here, and serves as the district's main square. Several popular theaters are located here, and The Delicate Dryad, a inn and tavern that features nightly entertainment by a dryad named Ah'ronna is just a block down Procus from the intersection.

During Whiteday, Purpleday, and Blueday each week, Harvey Road opens up as an outdoor market and the street is crowded with market stalls, shoppers and pickpockets. While Whiteday and Purpleday are the most popular, many shoppers still come by on Blueday while the vendors are closing up to try to grab "the best deals". It is not unknown that many black market deals can be made here as well if one knows the right vendors to talk to.

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