Pumpkin Jack
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"He wears no mask!"
- Last words of Charles Sullivan, one of Pumpkin Jack's victims, before he died of his wounds.

Pumpkin Jack is a mysterious creature that stalks Dartmouth during the night. He is shrouded in a large cloak and wears a giant pumpkin on his head, and his appearance has been universally described as "frightening". He sometimes stalks and attacks lone travelers at night - at times with claws, at times with a breath of fire. Several of the victims have been prostitutes plying their trade, although there are other stories where Pumpkin Jack has fended off muggers, allowing their victims to escape. When confronted with several well-armed people, he escapes with giant leaps, jumping from rooftop to rooftop.

His fire breath has convinced most members of the Dartmouth City Guard that Pumpkin Jack is a dragonkin, and they conduct their investigations accordingly. However, numerous other theories are popular and discussed in the pubs of Dartmouth.

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