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The Puppeteers are a highly-effective group of assassins-for-hire with an unusual modus operandi: Instead of killing the victim themselves, they magically brainwash one of the people the victim will encounter (usually a close acquaintance). Once a certain set of conditions are met - usually when the brainwashed person is alone with the target - the former will try to kill the latter himself (and often succeed, thanks to the element of surprise). After the deed is done, the brainwashed assassin awakens from the trance and no longer remembers killing the victim.

As usual, arranging for the body to vanish in order to prevent a resurrection is more expensive, though the Puppeteers can often arrange this as well. However, this is often not even requested by the person hiring the Puppeteers, as even if the victim is resurrected he will often become paranoid and unable to trust his friends and relatives, believing that any of them could be another programmed assassin. This kind of induced paranoia can be a very effective way of dealing with one's enemies, and this is what gives the Puppeteers their fearsome reputation.

The Puppeteers originated from the Parginian Rim, but they have aggressively expanded into the Flannish Cities as of late. The League of Armach is also very interested in hiring them to disrupt the Alliance of the Pantheon.

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This was inspired by the classic The Manchurian Candidate.


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