Qlippothic Cults
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Strange as it may seem, there are people who actually worship demons and the shells of the Qlippoth itself. Unlike with devil-worshipers, this is not usually done out of a lust for power but ideological conviction. A common thread in their beliefs is that the qlippothic emanation are leftovers from an earlier, purer world, but somehow the current world was created as a prison for the souls of humans and other races. Only by dissolving this world back into the Qlippoth can the world revert into its purer form and set everyone free. Everyone who maintains this prison-world and chains the souls of mortals to it is to be opposed - whether gods (who enslave them through worship), devils (who enslave by pandering to baser desires), or anyone else who distracts people with the baser indulgences or concerns of everyday life.

Thus, they assist demons and their activities wherever they can. Some of the most fanatical summon demons so that their very souls can be devoured by them, believing that this set them free, while others prefer instead to give that "gift" to others, as they think that they can only be truly free when the whole world dissolves.

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This was inspired by Gnosticism as well as the "Mythic Dawn" cult from _Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion".


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