Queen Arwanna
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Queen Arwanna of Avareen is beautiful, charming, intelligent - and utterly without any morals. Spoiled from birth and adored by her people, she is utterly convinced that the world and its inhabitants merely exist to be the playthings of elves in general and sidhe in particular, and that the elves are there to be playthings for her. She spent most of her rule savoring the pleasures of life and encouraging the intrigues in her court, although she is smart enough to do so without wrecking her kingdom or leaving it defenseless, or alienating her subjects. She will let herself be entertained by visitors with an audience as long as they are amusing, and discard them as soon as they cease to be amusing without a second thought - and that is only if they are lucky.

Of late however, she is troubled. She was disgusted when she heard of the recent defeat of the navy of the elven kingdom Narevoreen, and that nation's subsequent attempts to learn from humans. And she was shocked when she became aware that the sidhe rulers of Tuvareen stooped so low as to use humans as breeding stock, and invested considerable resources into preventing this abomination from spreading further. The Queen now fears that her race might be in decline unless something drastic is done to remind both the elves and the world that elves are vastly superior to humans in every way, or else elves will loose all respect. She sees taking over Tuvareen as the first step in her plans, and she is contemplating what to do next.

And when she comes to a conclusion, her human neighbors had better watch out…

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