Queen Meeral
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Queen Meeral was an extremely intelligent and charismatic women, and highly qualified to rule her realm even apart from her birth into the royal family. But most of the job of governing her realm was traditionally left to the members of the Royal Court, leaving her with little to do other than performing the public ceremonies tradition expected of her, raising the four children she had with her now deceased royal consort, and dabbling in the arcane. In short, she was extremely bored, but it seemed like there was nothing she could do to change this. But all this changed five years ago.

Like most elves of Narevoreen, she had never seen a human before and believed the stories that they were nothing more than uncouth, hairy barbarians with nothing to offer the elves. The defeat of the Royal Navy by the rag-tag coalition of human cities was as much of a shock to her as to any other elves. But what really surprised her was the Doge of Atalus, who came personally to the negotiations for the peace treaty. He bowed to her, charmed her with his wits, and spoke of great possibilities in a future alliance between her realm and his city - all in flawless Elvish. He then skillfully outmaneuvered the other human negotiators and made sure they gained mere tokens for their efforts in this war, all the way letting them believe that they had received a grand price. When the city of Navar opened, it was merchants from Atalus who established their presence first and made the biggest wins.

All in all, the Queen realized that she had finally found her intellectual equal in this human who was a mere quarter of her age - and what was more, unlike too many of her advisers, he was not bound by the stifling elven traditions, and his skill at politics far exceeded that of anyone else she had ever met. It wasn't Meera who first suggested the political marriage - an old elven tradition to bring peace between warring clans - but she readily agreed. While her advisers think of this as nothing more than a political gesture of goodwill towards the human cities (they certainly do not expect children or even heirs to the kingdom to come from this union - even if the Doge would dare to touch her and the Queen permit it, they expect the Queen to use the commonly available elven anti-pregnancy medicines), the Queen dreams of a true partnership between them. She feels the Doge has much to teach her - and when she has learned everything, they will shake up the world.

At the very least, it will be interesting to see what happens next.

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