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A large realm east of the Gawaris Desert where a multitude of sapient beings live together in a complex caste system. Each race represents a distinct caste with different rights, obligations, and professions, with elves at the top of the social hierarchy. The people there are taught that if they obey the customs and taboos of their caste and generally live a pious life, their souls will be reborn as members of a higher caste. On the other hand, if they live sinful lives, they will be reborn as members of a lower caste, or even as animals!

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The local equivalent of India, obviously - with different races representing the different castes of the Hindu caste system. Not detailed further because I know far too little about India and the caste system. If anyone here feels more confident in his knowledge of India, add your ideas as non-canon material and contact me. But see the spoiler text below for further details.

As I imagine it, Ranya is one of the direct successor states of Oreanor who managed to survive because it combined the original caste system of that city - with elves at the top, who now represent the "Brahmin" caste of Ranya - with religious doctrine so that each caste would know its place and stay there.

But I don't want to make the Urbis equivalent of Hinduism a "fake" religion. So the entire realm is covered by a magical field (the precise origin of which should remain unclear) which connects to one or several other planes - and which makes sure that reincarnation does happen pretty much as the main religious doctrines of Ranya claims. Do your part and act like a member of your caste is supposed to, and you will be reborn into a better caste - and a different race. Discovering this should be a shock to more "Western" characters visiting Ranya.

Still, there should be a lot of remaining religious ambiguity - different interpretations of doctrine and "proper behavior", religious schisms, and so forth. Perhaps reincarnation is not an automatic process, but something judged by extraplanar entities with different ideas. But I will leave working out those details for someone who knows more about India and Hinduism than I do.


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