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Normally a quiet, middle-class neighborhood, reports of strange magical happenings have started to emerge out of Redborough. Rumors of lamps and hairbrushes attacking residents, lights materializing in the middle of nowhere and blinking randomly, and some homes being drastically more hot or cold than others adjacent to them. In one instance that made newspapers all over Praxus, a sudden magical slumber overcame several dozen citizens on their way to work and they were expeditiously pick-pocketed by passersby.

While the exact source has yet to be traced, city investigators claim that errant magical energies are present in this district and have made official statements through the Praxus Herald that "the nexus tower is functioning perfectly and is not at blame for these incidents".

Some private magical detectives have made claims of "planar instabilities" while others have placed blame on anarchists or even ghosts. Strange flyers have been pasted around the district, signed by "The Hawk of Grunyene" that state that the issue is certainly with the nexus tower in this district, and that it is only a matter of time till all nexus towers fall into chaos, destroying the entire city along with them.

Interviews of the residents reveal that none of the locals have even seen someone posting these flyers. Furthermore, no research has been able to find any records of a person acting under the name "The Hawk of Grunyene" or any reports of a location named "Grunyene" anywhere near the Flannish Cities.

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