Residency Papers
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These papers identify the owner as a legal resident of a particular city-state, and usually protect him from being arbitrarily exiled from the city for minor legal infractions or flimsy pretexts by the local law enforcement. Furthermore, they establish his identity, allowing him through checkpoints (such as they can be found at the main entrances of the city, especially train stations) or random guard patrols with usually only minor inspections and hassles (people without such papers - or full-fledged citizenship papers - can usually expect exhausting interviews by customs officials or members of the city guards about their intentions and identity). Prerequisite for attaining residency papers is proof of a long-term residence and either a legal job or proof of being wealthy enough to survive without one (usually the minimum wealth is about 1,000 gp). Most banks will issue statements that back the claims of people who have an account with them - thus making it unnecessary to show the officials the money in person. In fact, showing up with a large bag of gold will be seen as rather suspicious by most officials. The papers list the owner's residence, a description of his appearance (especially distinguishing features), and the date of expiration for the papers. In general, it is not particularly difficult to forge such papers. However, all issued residency papers are noted in central registries, and such forgeries will be discovered if someone bothers to double-check them with these registries.

Cost: Residency papers cost 5 gp. They must be renewed after one year for the same cost.

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