Ring of Atalus
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Created by the most powerful artificers of the Atalan Empire during its waning days, the Ring of Atalus was created for the sole purpose of bringing down dragons - and to be specific, to bring doom to the dragons of the Desert of Thunder, which the Atalan Empire struggled with in its final years.

This apparently plain gold ring exerts a subtle influence on all who behold it, causing them to covet it above all other material things. Humans and other mortals who possess it will become ever-more greedy for wealth, and gain powers that assist them in that purpose. However, the great fortunes they accumulate are just a means to an end for the ring - such vast wealth is intended to attract dragons, its true target. These, despite their great willpower and magical strength, also will be magically compelled to covet the ring - and once they possess it, they start to become paranoid, seeing foes everywhere and lashing out at any perceived threat.

This is what caused Thurangax, the first draconic ruler of the Desert of Thunder to become mad and attempt to murder all the dragonkin she created. Her rampage ended with her death, but instead passing on to another dragon - as its creators had hoped - it seemingly vanished and passed into legend. Those few savants that are aware of the ring's existence all have their own pet theories on who might have possessed the ring throughout the ages. A possible owner in the modern day might be Gral Guldenberg, although it is equally possible that it is securely stored within Mine Shaft 23.

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Inspired by the magical ring Andvarinaut from Norse mythology, which in turn features prominently in the Nibelungenlied and Wagner's operas.


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