Road's End
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Population: 23,472

All across the world, many people flee their homes. Often it is children running away from their parents, but it can also be criminals running away from the law when their misdeeds were discovered, wives fleeing an abusive relationship, or husbands fleeing from their debts. Some people become refugees when their homes are destroyed and they were driven away at sword point. But others had a choice between staying and trying to work out their problems in one way or another, or just running away from each all.

Of the latter, many feel a strange, subconscious compulsion to travel to the dreary city of Road's End. Upon arriving there, they immediately settle into an empty house or apartment and start working in a new job. They gradually forget everything about their old lives, including their names. They are polite but distant to strangers, and stop asking questions about their lives. No one seems to organize anything - everything just gets done somehow without any supervision. When asked about who rules this town, they will refer to a "Mayor" but never elaborate.

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