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Rods are strange creatures dwelling in the atmosphere of Rothea. They have only been identified as a distinct species in recent years, as they are immaterial and invisible in their natural state and thus hard to detect without the aid of magic. A typical rod is approximately one foot in length and cylindrical, with a number of appendages emerging from its main body which might be fins, or tentacles, or a curious mixture of both. It is sometimes possible to catch a glimpse of them in the corner of one's eye, especially at dusk and dawn and other times with unusual lightning conditions.

Rods seem to be constantly in movement, racing through the air and never touching the ground. Normally they avoid settlements with large numbers of people, although there have been several noteworthy exceptions. In most cases, they seem to ignore humans just as humans normally ignore them. However, in a few instances where humans have attempted to capture or kill a rod, the other rods in the area savagely attacked the offending person, flying past him at high speeds and leaving vicious cuts on his body. To other observers, it seemed like the victim was dying of thousands of wounds spontaneously appearing on him without any visible cause.

There have been a few reports of larger, slower-moving rods, especially in the vicinity of the Boreal Wind. Observers reported that they felt a probing presence in their minds, so it is suspected that the larger rods are sapient even if the smaller ones aren't.

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These are based on the cryptozoological creatures of the same name - with the difference that these creatures aren't the result of an optical illusion…


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