Roho Forest
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South of the Star Mountains stretches the Roho Forest, one of the largest forest expanses in the world. It is named after its most famous inhabitants, the Roho Watu, or "ghost people" - tribes of halflings named after their light skin. They are believed to have great powers over spirits (and are occasionally believed to be part spirits themselves) and live deep in the interior of the jungle. The dark-skinned human tribes of the region usually closer to the rivers, in large clearings, and other, more accessible regions. Some tribes trade with the halflings, while other just avoid them and others still attempt to exterminate them wherever they find them.

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The halflings of this region are my stand-in for the African pygmies. Unlike in our world they have fairly light skin - this is because while humans in Urbis have a similarly large variety among the various ethnic groups, nonhumans generally show far less diversity, as they are of a far more recent - and artificial - origin than humans. See the Designer's Notes in the Races entry for details.


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