Roland Sandler

Roland Sandler always wanted the respect that he considered his due, and he was willing to work long and hard for it. First, he became a mighty wizard who used his powers to defend his native Dartmouth from its enemies. Then he became rich from the sale of magic potions with curative powers, which he created from the waters of a local spring. He became a patron of the arts (founding the Dartmouth Opera House, among others), gave freely to charity, and even married into an aristocratic lineage despite being born a commoner. For a time, he had it all.

Then he discovered that his potions caused sterility. Desperately, he tried to suppress the evidence, but the truth eventually came out and he lost everything. In defiance, he set the Dartmouth Opera House ablaze while it was playing to a full house, killing him and countless others.

However, his consciousness still lives on in the form of the Ghosts of the Opera.

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