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The home world of humanity and many other intelligent races besides. It has a solitary moon named Uluth. Furthermore, two large rocks with a length of approximately one hundred miles each are located at the points where the gravitational pull of Rothea and Uluth cancel each other out. These are commonly called Uluth’s Herald and Uluth’s Servant, and appear approximately four hours before (in the case of the Herald) or after (in the case of the Servant) Uluth in the sky.

The largest continent on Rothea- known as Aestis - contains the following regions:

The following other continents and land regions exist on Rothea:

The following oceans exist on Rothea:

Furthermore, there are several locales in the middle of the oceans worthy of interest:

The regions lying below the surface of Rothea can also have an impact on the world above:

Furthermore, there are some global phenomena on Rothea not restricted to specific lands:

Finally, there are some lands and locations which might or might not exist:

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The equivalent of Earth itself, of course.


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