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The Rotkappen (lit. "Red Caps" after their red berets, sing. "Rotkappe") are the premier mercenary force of the Flannish Cities, setting the standards for professionalism, competence - and price. The unit recruits exclusively from hobgoblins and trains them exhaustively until the recruits meet their standards before they let them operate in the field. They are a favorite of financial institutions like the Gemeinschaftsbank to protect their more important facilities and transports.

The headquarters and main barracks of the Rotkappen is in the Becklingen district of Nimdenthal, but they have branch facilities in most major cities in the region (and a few beyond it). Their name derives from an old practice of dunking their caps in the blood of the first enemy they have slain as members of the unit, although in modern times this practice has largely ceased in deference to the sensibilities of their (mostly human) customers. Their berets are still dyed in red, giving them their distinctive appearance.

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