Sabling & Sons Wonder Potions Inc.
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There are many manufacturers of potions who adhere to the highest standards, making sure that only the best ingredients are used and that every new batch of a particular potion is checked for its quality.

Sabling & Sons Wonder Potions Inc. is not one of these. Their factory in Norrigan's Field is generally considered a sore to all the senses, and the waste it dumps into the river ensure that few people are willing to eat any fish from further downstream. Its interior is even worse, with its cauldrons and ovens showing the signs of numerous shoddy repairs and its supply cabinets constantly losing stock to all sorts of vermin, some of which subsequently sports strange growths. Persistent urban legends tell of drunk workers falling into their processing units and becoming alchemical components in turn.

Nevertheless, Sabling potions are hard to beat on price, which allows them to stay in business… though users will often have to deal with unexpected side effects. A recent infamous case involved a batch of "guaranteed weight loss potions" which did lead to a lasting weight loss… to a weight approaching zero, without actually losing any bodily volume. Nearly a dozen people were swept away by strong winds before the sale of the potion was outlawed, and the company is currently tied up in litigation over this scandal. Observers expect old Sabling to come up with another "quick fix" business idea that will save the company… until the next round of problems, at least.

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