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Population: 124,221

Salit is one of the youngest and smallest cities of the Desert of Thunder, and somehow never managed to find its own niche. It didn't receive enough trade and didn't develop any specialties that would have allowed it to stand out among the cities of the Desert of Thunder.

Now that Thabashar, its draconic ruler, plans to turn the city into a lakeside town, many citizens are eagerly awaiting the day when they gain access to the precious water. Others, however, are fearing retribution - either from the other dragons who oppose this violation of tradition (since the free-flowing water would allow the humans to live without depending on draconic magic), or from the people of the Verdant Coast who would face serious droughts if the project is completed. Despite all the controversy surrounding the project, Tallanggarul has been uncharacteristically silent on the matter, and thus, the other dragons have not dared to act openly against the city.

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