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Population: 173,558

The craftsmen of Sargoth have taken on an usual challenge: The conquest of the air. While there are numerous spells that allow one to fly, they usually work on only one person or a few individuals, and rarely last for long. The Sargothians instead want to fly through mechanical means. As a result, one can see all kinds of strange things in the airspace around the city, from prosaic balloons to gigantic mechanical birds to even stranger sights. Most of them end in nearby chasms (which explains why potions that allow the user to gently float down from any height are so popular in the city), but there have been a few noteworthy successes. But the kind of research that seems to be the most promising right now involves a combination of mechanics and enchantments. While many purists decry this, these efforts have gained several very wealthy and influential sponsors. A prototype airship kept afloat by gigantic enchanted fans, the Pride of Sargoth, is scheduled to be completed sometime in the next few months. The military potential of this kind of technology hasn't been lost on other realms, most notably the League of Armach and the Hobgoblin Dominions, and as a result the city is crawling with spies.

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I have some tentative ideas for a "successor setting" to Urbis - A World of Cities. The working title is "Urbis - Age of Flight". If I ever get around to work on it, the developments in Sargoth will be fairly significant.


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