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Lord of Snakes, Master of Secrets, Keeper of Hidden Knowledge

Sarush is the snake god of all things hidden. He promises his followers secrets that will make them powerful - if they are willing to pay the price. It is said that he created the surathi to be his loyal servants, who are to infiltrate other societies until the entire world falls to him - but members of all civilized races can be found among his worshipers.

His worshipers are mostly preoccupied with ferreting out secrets - of ancient wisdom, magic, or other people - and using them to their best advantage. His priests often are the most often sought after information brokers in the cities, although few of them reveal that they are clerics of Sarush - after all, revealing anything without a price is not in Sarush's nature. Many also participate in the surathi cults that prosper in the bowels of the cities and keep their existence hidden as long as possible.

Sarush demands the following of his cultists

  • Seek out and learn all secrets, for secrets are power.
  • Do not reveal your secrets without getting something in return.
  • Trust your mind before your body. Trust your body before your fellow believers. Do not trust unbelievers at all, but manipulate them for your purposes.

His symbol is a snake head.

Some dwarves in Gol Grungor have heard his whispers and promises that they do not have to accept their lots in life - once they know the right secrets about their rulers, they shall be kings. Among those dwarves, Sarush is known as Saruk.

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