Population: 132,274

Sceas is a small city so remote from other civilized regions that its only claim to fame was that it served as a gateway of sorts for people who wanted to enter the region dominated by the Eternal Storm. It is surrounded by some farmlands that barely suffice to feed themselves and the city, but otherwise it was economically poor and only the high birth rate of its population helped compensate that a steady stream of young people left the city to seek their fortune elsewhere.

This state of affairs changed somewhat when the city was conquered by the League twenty years ago, though "conquered" sounds grander than what actually happened - a small army detachment was sent up north to secure the area to allow the League easy access to the rare elements found near the Eternal Storm, the citizens of Sceas had a good look at the approaching soldiers, and promptly opened the city gates.

Because of that lack of resistance, Sceas doesn't suffer as much under the occupation as other cities, but it wasn't regarded as large and important enough to be granted a seat on the League Council. This causes some resentment in many of the older inhabitants, but the younger people are only too glad about the newly established rail line that allows them to get away from the city even faster, and many of them have become among the most loyal soldiers for the League.

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