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Dug into the hills south of Rottenbusch are ancient mining tunnels, many of which have been converted into living space for goblin families which cannot afford to live in a real house. But as one goes deeper into the hills, the tunnels empty and become a confusing maze of darkness. Somewhere within those tunnels is the Schattengruft ("Tomb of Shadows"), an ancient temple to Sarush to which a surprising portion of the great and powerful of Nimdenthal have paid homage at some point during their careers.

The only one who is known to reliably find the path to the temple is the Guide, who is traditionally a blind goblin. Without him or her, visitors who even come near the temple will quickly fall prey to the numerous traps protecting it. The Guide will always insist on complete darkness when approaching and visiting the temple, and stories tell of terrible fates of those ignoring this order. Once within the temple, visitors will be met by the Oracle of Sarush who will trade a secret for something the visitors can offer. The lucky ones get away with exchanging a jewel or a magic item they have brought with themselves (the Oracle never takes mere coin). The unlucky ones will have to part with a dark secret of their own or perform a major favor for the Oracle. The Oracle never asks for something that the visitors cannot afford, but the price is always very high - and yet, usually worth it to the petitioners.

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